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Solar Irradiation Sensors

  • Used to Measure Solar  Radiation Flux Density.
  • Available in both Analog and Digital Output.
  • Housing / Enclosure: UV-Resistant PVC Plastic.
  • Ingress Protection (IP): IP65 Reading helps in Calculating the Performance Ratio of the Plant.

Ambient Temperature Sensor

  • Used to Measure the Surrounding Temperature
  • Housing / Enclosure: PolyCarbonate Watertight Enclosure
  • Sensor Type: Pt100Ω Class A IEC 60751 Both Digital and Analog Output is Available .

Module Temperature Sensor

  • Specifically used to Measure Module Temperature Sensor
  • Output Available in Both Analog and Digital
  • Reading helps in Calculating the Performance Ratio of the Plant
  • Supply Voltage: 12 to 28VDC

Wind Direction Sensor

  • Used to measure Wind Speed & Direction
  • Anemometer includes both Wind Speed and Wind Direction Sensors
  • Cup & Vane type Measuring Device
  • Provides a Critical Parameter to consider from the Plant Safety Perspective

Ambient Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Used to Measure and Monitor the amount of Moisture in the Surrounding Atmosphere
  • Sensors include Temperature and Humidity Sensors with the Shield.
  • Provides the actual Humidity Condition with Ambient Temperature
  • Digital and Analog Outputs are Available


  • Used to Measure independent, Accurate Readings of the Total available Solar Radiation
  • Digital and Analog Outputs are available
  • Faster Responsivity
  • Monitor the wide solar spectrum with increased accuracy