PCULog (Off Grid RMS)

"Off Grid System Monitoring & Controlling"

  • What is PCULog (Off Grid RMS) ?

    Off-grid RMS (Remote Management System) for solar power plants typically involves monitoring and controlling the system’s performance and settings from a remote location. This allows you to optimize energy production, ensure system reliability, and troubleshoot any issues without physically being present at the installation site.

    Installing our SuryaLog off grid RMS (PCULog) for solar power plants that collect real-time data on the performance of your solar system. This can include parameters such as solar panel output, battery charge levels, energy consumption, and system efficiency. Various monitoring solutions are available in the market, ranging from simple wireless sensors to advanced cloud-based platforms.

    PCULog is a management solution designed specifically for off-grid hybrid solar power plants. Its operation revolves around gathering data through communication ports such as RS485 and Ethernet, utilizing wired or wireless transfer media.

    The collected data is then analyzed and transformed into the necessary parameters and formats as required.


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