Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we trip the breaker through SCADA?

Yes. Locally and Remotely with Manually and Automatic command.

How many spare ports should be considered in Ground mount Solar Plants ?

At least 4 Number of RS 485, 4 Number of Ethernet, & 2 Number of OFC (if available)

How many DI/DO need to be consider in Ground Mount BOM and for which applications?

Based on the Site scenario, Number of ICR

How many RS 485 ports should be considered in BOM ?

At least 6 Numbers

In ground mount, is it necessary to have network switches in RTU & SCADA panel?


Is it possible to push data on 3rd party portal? if yes in which format?

At a time Possible to push 4 different servers through FTP, JSON, Rest API, MQTT

Is it possible to take direct access for customization?


What is the capacity of internal storage of the SCADA logger? Can we increase?

Up-to 110GB and can be extended up-to 500GB

How to connect DI/DO in SCADA Logger ?And can we extend these as per the requirement?

24 DI and 4 DO. Yes can be extended as per the requirement.

Can we provide OPC integration through SCADA?


Can we send data to SLDC through SCADA?


Is it Global static IP is address necessary for SCADA?

Yes, Necessary for local monitoring.

Can we send data to forecasting agencies, other government agencies (SLDC) or any other through FTP/ TCP-IP/ API’s?


Can we provide EWS, OWS, Printers desktop local server etc.?


Can we change the Power factor of the Solar Plant?

Yes, By using PPC we can control the Power factor of solar Plant?

Can we control active as well as reactive power?

Yes, By using PPC we can control active and reactive power.

What is Com 100 or SAU panel?

These are the PLCC communication panels which give all inverter communication to Datalogger or portal.

Use of DO in ground mount SCADA with examples?

To trip the Breakers, and to turn ON the hooter or indicator

Can we use multi-master in TCP IP?

Yes, TCP/IP communication having provision of Multi master

Can we extend RS 485 ports in suryalog device?

Yes, By using RS 485 extensions we can extend extra RS 485 ports.

What are the Different types of Breakers?

ACB, MCCB, VCB breakers are the most commonly used in solar plants.

Can suryalog is compatible with DNP3 and IEC 104 converter?

Yes, SuryaLog is compatible with DNP3 and IEC 104 converters.

Can SuryaLog take communication from existing SCADA

Yes, Suryalog can take data from existing SCADA from Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU.

Is it possible to monitor the tracker system and SMB?


Is it possible to Monitor SMB’s or Strings in Plant ?


Which communication types are used in SMB ?

OFC, RS 485, Wireless

What is the Voltage and current ratings of SMB?

200 to 1500 VDC, up to 30A strings can connect to SMB.

Can we take DI and AI signals in SMB?

2 DI and 4 AI can be configure in SMB card.

Can we convert SCB into SMB (retrofit SMB)?

Yes, We need to add a String Monitoring Card.

Which protections are used in SMB Panel?

Power and Data SPDs, Fuses are used to protect the SMB panel from ext. electrical parameter.

What is the difference Between SMB and SCB?

SMB is a String monitoring Panel and SCB is a simple Combiner box.

Can we control Active as well as Reactive power?


How many number of sensors can interfaced with SCADA?

16 sensors.

Which types of sensors can connect in Weather station?

All types of solar sensors can connect to a Weather station.

Which sensors should be preferred for Ground mount or weather station?

Pyranometers, Module & Ambient temperature, Humidity, Anemometer, Rain gauge, Albedometer, Soil sensor.

Is Weather Station compatible with SCADA?

Yes, Compatible with all types of SCADA.

What are the specifications of these need to be mentioned?

Can we monitor weather data remotely?

Yes, we can Monitor data remotely.

Can we connect sensors with different output types?

Yes, All types of analog and Digital outputs are compatible with weather logger.

Is the weather pole having provision of any make of sensor installation?

Yes, You can mount the any make and model of sensor on Weather pole.

Which sensor is best for communication & accuracy purpose? (Analog/Digital)

Digital, for its better accuracy and no need to add extra circuitry for this.

What is the max distance limit of analog sensors from the device?

Recommended distance by sensors is 20 meters.

What is the calibration of our sensor?

Calibration is a process of checking, and comparing the output of sensors with reference standard sensors.
We have calibrated our sensors in IEC certified guidelines and equipment’s. We also check actual output with reference sensors.

What is the type & test of Sensors?

Type and testing is defined by IEC. IEC check the sensor and define its type as per result. Suryalog sensor is a type 2 sensor

What is test reports of sensors and device?

Test reports are used to check the working of sensors and devices.
It defines the all input output ports are working properly or not. Device functionality is properly working or not.

What is the frequency for calibration of sensors?

Generally, once after every two years Calibration is needed.

What is EMS and BMS?

EMS is energy management system. In EMS we can monitor the source and load of industry. We can manage the load as per our requirement and analysis the load.

BMS is Building management system. In BMS we can monitor the source and load as per building.

Can we install analog sensors on 50 meters?

If sensors output is Analog, then it gives proper output up to 20 meters. Above 20 meters data may get loss.

Benefits of solar shield in ambient temperature?

Shield is a disc like structure which protect ambient temperature sensor from sunlight.

Types of wind speed and direction?

There are two types of wind speed and direction sensor
1. Ultrasonic
In this type of sensor, the ultrasonic wave is use to detect behavior of wind.
It checks the response over receiver is it slow or fast what is the effect on wave because of wind.

2. Cup and vane.
In this type of sensor Cup is use to collect wind and cup is spin as per speed. Where, vane is use to check direction.

Types of rain Gauge and accuracy?

Rain gauge sensor having following types
1. Bucket tapping- it collect amount of water in bucket and depends on it. Sensor calculate the amount of rain, density of rain.
2. Ultrasonic sensor-it count the tapping of rain drops. Depends on drop size and frequency. Amount of rain and density of rain is calculated.

Types of pyranometer calibration methods?

There are two methods for calibration
1. LAB calibration-
A lamp is used with focused light it sends Irradiation on the sensor from a particular distance and diameter.
2. Open-air testing:
By keeping the testing sensor direct in sunlight with reference calibrated sensor.

Difference between calibration and test certificate?

These processes involve testing the device at specific points, recording and analyzing the results.
And Test certificates show the result of device working.

What is use of Cloud cover?

Cloud cover sensor is use to know the description of sky.
If Cloud is present in sky it gives the output in percentage.

What is DNI sensor? What is its use?

This sensor is used to track the position of Sun.
This sensor gives only direct radiation data.(no diffused or refracted radiation)

What is ISO 9060 standard?

Specification and classification of instruments for measuring hemispherical solar and direct solar radiation, is an ISO standard for the classification of pyranometers and pyrheliometers.

Which ISO standard gives the rules about the calibration of sensors?

ISO 9846 gives the calibration-related data.

What is ISO 9847 standard?

Calibration process of Pyranometer and Radiation sensors are carried out according to the ISO 9847:1992 recommended by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) where the following two stages are defined in which Pyranometer is compared with reference having higher quality with a reliable, recent, and traceable calibration.
Inlab Calibration – Using an artificial light source.
Outdoor Calibration-Testing Under Sunlight with reference sensor.

How many Number of Weather Stations are required in Ground Mount site?

For up to 10 MWp sites, 1 WMS is required. After that, every 25 MWp need 1 WMS.
WMS also depends on Geographical area. If the all ICRs is not in same plane, then may be required more than 1 WMS in Plant.

How many sensors can be connected?

Which sensors should be preferred for rooftop system in general?

What is the input output voltage range of DC to DC converter?

Input- 200 to 1500 VDC, 2A and Output – 24 VDC, 1.25 A

Why DC to DC converter is required?

It Gives supplies to SMB card.

How many DG's can be connected to single controller?

8 no. of DG’s can be connected in single device.

Why DG Sensing is required? What are the options for DG sensing?

DG sense is required to know the DG ON/OFF status.
This is an additional hard signal to a controller.

How do we calculate the loss of Generation due to curtailment?

Yes, we can calculate the loss of generation due to curtailment. But we want to require an on-site radiation sensor for reference of expected generation.

What are the options available for Centralized Monitoring with Zero –Export and PV-DG Controlling, if plant is installed in multiple wings /buildings /locations?

Suryalog Master-slave is available to show the centralized monitoring for distributed solar system.

Can we use Multiple Makes of inverters in single SuryaLog device?

Yes, we can connect multiple makes of inverters connect in a single SuryaLog device.

25% to 30% is a recommended spin reserve from DG manufacturers.

What is Spin reserve and why it is needed ? Can we change it as per standard?

Yes, we can set/change a spin reserve. Spin reserve is needed to maintain for a long life of DG and to efficient fuel consumption.

Can we control DG ‘s at multiple locations in same premises/ plant?

Yes, By using Master-Sub-Master concept we can control DG’s at multiple locations.

What type of DG sense Cable should be added? And how much?

1, 2 twisted pair, shielded/screened, RS 485 cable. If need to lay from barred ground need Armored.

How many number of meters required in for PV-DG controlling?

All DG MFM are needed for controlling who gives reference voltage to Solar Inverters.

Any recommendation of model number for PV-DG MFM?

Suryalog is compatible with multiple makes. We recommended Schneider EM 6400NG, EM6436H, EM1220, secure Elite 445 onwards.

What is the provision if DG MFM is fails?

In SuryaLog device, MFM fail-safe condition is work for this type of condition. The device sends a fix command till the communication re-established.

How will you perform DG sync? With our In sync. Operation?

Suryalog device having a advance setting for DG sync operation.

How DG synchronization Panel works?

DG synch Panel is used to synch more than one DG’s. Sync Panel matching a voltage level and Frequency to both the DG as voltage, frequency, phase angle, phase sequence of all installed DG’s for smooth operation.

What is the response time of the controller?

100ms is a response time of the controller.

What is condition for Master Sub-master configuration?

Both devices are working separately for DG controlling and combined for Zero export controlling.

What is the class of MFM?

Class defines the accuracy of MFM. When we install extra MFM in series with existing MFM then use class 0.5, class 0.2 MFM.

Which certifications are needed for controller?

Environmental testing -IEC 60068-2-2
Shock testing -IEC 60068-2-6
EMI/EMC -IEC 61326-1,
IEC 61000-6-4,
IEC 61000-4-3
ESD -IEC 61326-1
EFT/B -IEC 61326-1
EFT/B (on signal/control/port) -IEC 61326-1
Surge -IEC 61326-1
Cold test -IEC 60068-2-1
Change of temperature -IEC 60068-2-14
Vibration testing -IEC 60068-2-27
Damp heat cyclic -IEC 60068-2-30

What is DI, DO, AI signals?

These are the digital and analog signals which are used in Ground mount solar system.

Can we use only soft signal for DG? What are the limitations or points to consider?

Yes, we can use only soft signal for DG sensing.
All DG needs individual MFM.

Use of DI signals in rooftop? What is DI potential free signals and direct voltage signals? Why we use relays in enclosure?

In rooftop we use DI signals for sensing the DG ON/OFF condition.
Potential free- No voltage between two points.

What is the use of hysteresis feature? And Benefits?

Hysteresis is a upper and lower limit of variation of Spin reserve percentage. By using hysteresis, we get smooth working of DG with solar.

Use of DO in rooftop with examples?

We can trip the ACDB by using DO. If inverters not in communication and power reverse power is going on DG/Grid.
We can turn on Buzzer if any fault happens in plant.

Why Spare SPD or Accessories is needed?

If we have a spare SPD or accessories, then we can avoid and data loss problem due to unitability of accessories. We can replace the accessories and continue our communication within a hour. Otherwise we need to wait up to the replacement.

What is RPR and Where it use?

RPR is Reverse power relay use for turn off the ACDB when reverse power is sent on Grid/DG.
It is used in Grid or DG incomer.
We need to install CT on any one of the three phases. As reverse power is sensed, RPR turns off the Solar ACBD.

Can we control Gas generators?

Yes, we can control the solar power with Gas Generator

Can we use ZED and PVDG at a time?

As per the electrical rule at a time only one source is connected with common bus bar.

Can we increase a load beyond DG capacity?

No. DG will trip due to Overload.

How Many models of Inverters & Energy meters are compatible with SuryaLog Device?

All types of Inverters, MFM and sensor in the market are compatible with the SuryaLog device.

How long it takes to add new inverter /meter file in SuryaLog device?

Within the day we can add the new inverter and MFM file in device.

What if system has 2 separate solar evacuations?

SuryaLog device having a system to show the wing wise data

How much internal local storage is available in Data logger/Controller?

8-16GB on-chip and 110 GB (Optional) internal memory is available in device.

What is the frequency of data Uploading on portal?

Standard uploading frequency is 5 Min. (1/5/15/30 min is Optional)

Is it possible to send the data on multiple portals? If Yes then which protocols are used?

At a time Possible to push 4 different servers through FTP, JSON, Rest API, MQTT.

Is 4G & LTE Networks are compatible? Can we upgrade it to 5G without changing the Device?

Yes, Suryalog is a modular device we can upgrade it into 5G

Is the controlling in solar always done as per the minimum phase load? What other options are available & what is preferred?

By default is done as per minimum phase load, but we have a provision of Maximum phase load and Total load controlling.

How many number of meters should be considered for ZED controller?

Single Main incomer or equal to the no. of transformer Solar MFM is needed.

Any recommendation of model number for ZED MFM?

Suryalog is compatible with multiple makes. We recommended Schneider EM 6400NG, EM6436H, EM1220, secure Elite 445 onwards.

MFM is having a RS 485 communication, with Phase wise Voltage, Current, Power, PF, and total frequency, Active, Reactive, and Apparent energy.

Why we do setting power control mode in dynamic?

By default, SSP control automatically. Dynamic means Changing, we need power changing when controlling any system (SSP changing as per requirement by SuryaLog system as per load). If we used static, then power not changing, it is stuck on same reading as per we set (SSP not changing).

What is the concept of virtual summation and when to use it?

A number of source meter addition using virtual summation directly from the advanced setting page. Virtual summation is used to add multiple source meters or solar meters. We can use the virtual summation option from the advanced settings page by enabling it.

With the help of Master slave communications how many buildings are controlled & monitored?

There are 32 devices we can connect in a master-slave combination
But to avoid delay and loss of communication we recommended
For wired: -18 buildings we can monitor and 10 to 12 buildings we can control
For wireless: -12 to 14 buildings we can have monitored and 8 to 10 buildings we can control.

Can we install the same device to other site?

Yes, following conditions to be consider

  1. Confirm the device at a time of Order closure.
  2. Need communication and registration charges.
  3. Need to check compatibility of device if no. of inverters and DG’s are increase.

Is installation and commissioning under our scope?

Suryalogix provides Onsite or online support for installation and commissioning.
The Onsite charges are At Actual Extra.
Cable Laying, MFM installation, Permissions are in customer scope always.

What is the protection of Device type against environmental conditions?

Device is indoor type and having protection of IP-20
We also provide IP 65 enclosure for extra protection against environmental condition.

There is any power backup facility for controller?

Light weight Li-ion UPS of 12V 2A SMPS will be provided for 2-4 hours power backup.

What happen if Earthing is not connected? Which type of earthing is needed?

Earthing is compulsory for SPD and SuryaLog device. (because SPD earth the Surges, and all the metal devices are earth the static charge.

Can we use addition of inverters for controlling instead of ACDB meters? What are the limitations and reasons?

Yes, We can use inverter addition instead of ACDB MFM.

  1. If ACDB is not available.
  2. If ACDB MFM is faulty.

What is operation temperature of SuryaLog devices?

-20 to 70 degree Celsius is an operating temperature of device.

What is inverter manager card?

In SMA old Inverter all inverters is communicate with Inverter Manager card only.
And we need to take data from Manager card.

What is the size and Weight of SuryaLog enclosure?

280*280*130 = 03 KG
380*280*130 = 05 KG
560*380*180 = 10 KG
800*600*300 = 20 KG
Note: Consider maximum weight

What does LED indicator shows?

  • HB LED = Device status and Internet connectivity.
  • GSM LED = strength of signal and connectivity.
  • Status LED = device status.

Which precautions need to take in International BOM?

  • Extra and Spare accessories
  • SIM card Module
  • Power supply specification in country
  • Socket switch compatibility
  • SMPS compatibility

How much DI can connect to SuryaLog device?

32-64 DI (default) and 128 DI (optional) can connect to SuryaLog device with DI cards.

What is the power requirement of Suryalog Device and Enclosure?

Suryalog enclosure required 25W power, Suryalog device required 3-5W power.

What is Net Meter?

  • Net meter is a Bidirectional Meter installed by government in which we will get Import and export values.
  • If net meter is installed then we can transfer solar power into grid.
  • The billing is calculated on Net units i.e. ( Import- Export)

Can we connect multiple grid (transformers) incomers in single controller for Zero export /Load calculation? If yes, How?

Yes, Suryalog device having a provision to add multiple MFM.

Is it possible to control the power on HT side for Zero Export Controlling (11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV)?

Yes, Need to install the MFM on HT incomer.

Can we set a threshold (allow a Specific Power to import and control anything above that) for Zero export controller?

Yes, the settable threshold can be set for Grid (ZED)

Can we use Wireless Communication system for ZED & PV -DG Controlling?

Yes, Suryalog device having a provision to communicate devices wirelessly.

What are the options available for internet connection?

  1. Ethernet
  2. GSM
  3. Wi-Fi

How many Modbus devices can be connected in a single loop?

As per RS485 communication technology 32 devices are connected in a single loop.
But, as per the observation, the data may be a loss if more inverters are connected in a single loop.

If plant is installed in different PPA rates, Can we implement separate controlling logic for each stage priority wise?

Yes, In Master slave combination it is possible.

Can we connect /use data logger (Existing or New) with SuryaLog controller at the same single plant?

Yes, we can use existing or new datalogger in TCP/IP communication

Can we use existing MFM meters - For Grid, DG ,solar etc.?

Yes, If MFM is communicate over Mod-scan and having a required parameters then we can use existing MFM for Grid, DG and Solar.

What is use of Kill switch?

Kill switch is a feature for our customer to disable the device without end customer permission.

How load fluctuation affects ZED? What is the solution for it?

If load is fluctuating then controller cannot set stable SSP. There is chances of reverse power going on grid.
To protect it we have a following features:

  1. Set able Grid Spin reserve.
  2. Moving average
  3. RP feedback logic.

What is Feedback logic and how it works?

Feedback logic is used to avoid Reverse Power in following condition:

  1. Slow Inverter Response
  2. Large number of Inverters in a loop
  3. Sudden changes in Load.
  • In feedback logic we take a feedback from solar MFM that power is generated as per SSP command or not.
  • If yes then device send next command otherwise it wait for some time as we set in device.
  • If radiation is low then device increments the SSP value till condition not satisfy.

Which MFM is preferred between LT and HT for ZED controlling?

Both MFM is preferred for ZED controlling

What data Default is provided to monitor the data on Portal?

Is centralized & portfolio level Monitoring possible?

Yes, the SuryaLog Portal is having a feature of centralized and portfolio monitoring.

Is it possible to download the data & in which Format?

Yes, you can download in PNG, PDF and Excel format.

Can we receive notifications of alerts and events through email?


How to calculate or analyze the losses? And which losses can be calculated?

All types of losses in solar system can be calculate and monitored.

Can we calculate load & Grid and DG consumption and solar generation to fulfill the load?

We do addition of all active sources is the total load. By using MFM we check the generation and Consumption.

PR formula can be set as per the requirement or not?

Yes, Suryalog portal having a facility of setting PR formula.

Can we monitor the command given to the inverter? And for what instant we can monitor this?


Can we take the reference of the average of multiple Sensors for calculating INS and PR?


What is the difference between remote monitoring and remote access?

Remote monitoring is a check-in a data from remotely using internet and server.
Remote access is use for setting and configuration without going onsite.

How do we calculate the loss of Generation due to curtailment?

In Grid DG statistic we have that provision to show and calculate Loss.

What happen if inverter not having string wise data?

We can show the MPPT level data. Or we can connect the SMB card for monitoring.

What is the SLDC?

The SLDCs shall be the Apex Body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in a State.
It schedules the dispatch of electricity in state.

What is WMS?

WMS is a weather monitoring station which includes following components

  1. Weather Pole
  2. Weather logger
  3. Sensors

What is HT panel?

HT panel is same as ACDB. It having MFM, Annunciator, VCB, Digital Inputs, Analog inputs (WTI, OTI)
It collects the HT output of transformer and send it to the Switch yard or MCR.
It also known as ICOG panel (if multiple incomers and one outgoing panel)

What is the function of customized reports?

We can make the reports as per our requirement by using Customized report function

What is FileZilla and how does it work and how to read files?

FileZilla is a software which is use to check the data of FTP.

Does Suryalog provide Kiosk display?

Yes. Suryalog does have provision for Kiosk display.

What is IEC 61724?

IEC 61724 is a Photovoltaic System Performance Monitoring – Guidelines for measurement of data and analysis

What is included in IEC 61724-1 ?

In this Sub point monitoring related requirements are mentions.

What is included in IEC 61724-2 ?

In this Sub point Capacity evaluation method is mentioned for a short period.

What is included in IEC 61724-3 ?

In this Sub point Energy evaluation method is mentioned for a 1 yr. or Long period.

Can we show multiple dashboard on multiple screen in SCADA room?

Yes, SuryaLog Portal having a facility to show different dashboard on multiple screens

Can we make a customized dashboard?

Yes, we can create a customized dashboard for ground mount sites.

1, 2 twisted pair, shielded/screened, RS 485 cable.
If need to lay from barred ground need Armored.

Up to 200 meters we will gate proper communication after that depends on site condition communication matters.
If we follows RS 485 recommendation and laying cable properly, then we can communicate over more distance.
In ground mount plant we will gate proper communication over 600 Meters.

Is it possible to use multiple communication technologies in one premise/ system?

Yes, Possible with some protocol.

What is the range for wireless technology?

With obstacle: – 1.2KM
Without obstacle: – 2KM

When is the wireless communication preferred?

If cable laying is not possible then we can use wireless with Lo-Ra and parabolic communication.

Is controlling possible in case of wireless communication?

Yes, Controlling and Monitoring is possible.

Can we use OFC for controlling application?

Yes OFC is a just type of medium the communication protocol is Modbus TCP/IP.

Why we have to avoid star network in RS 485 communication?

Star network is not recommended by RS 485 protocols.

What is the standard distance for RS 485 communication?

Theoretically it is 1200 Meters. But practically up to 600-800 Meters communication is getting.

Is master slave communication is possible, by using RS485 communication?

Yes, Suryalog device having a facility of RS 485 communication.

Is it possible to connect multiple masters in RS 485 communication? for e.g. Two data loggers or two controllers, One DL and One controller?

No, it is not recommended by RS 485 Protocols.

To protect the Port of Device by a large surge. It saves the time of Replacement a device.

We can connect 12 Inverters in one loop for Datalogger and 8 Inverters in one loop for the Controlling site for better response.

What factor affects the RS 485 communication? What measure should be taken to avoid this?

Electrical EMF, Laying without protection, improper termination.

Spare RS 485 port is not compulsory but, it is a provision for future if following condition are happen

  1. Solar system extension
  2. Make and model is change /inverter is changed
  3. Need to take separate loop of communication.
  4. Need to send data from RS 485
  5. Used RS 485 port is Damage.

What are the accessories need to be added in BOM while using OFC communication?

Media converters, Patch cord, LIU box, Network switches.

Can we use wireless for ICR to MCR communication in Ground Mount?

Yes, we can do LoRa under 1.2 KM and Parabolic for 5KM distance.

Which cable is use for TCP/IP or Ethernet communication? What is the distance limit of it?

CAT-6 cable is use of LAN, Ethernet, TCP/IP communication for up to 100 Meter distance.

Why Static IP is required for Suryalog devices?

Suryalog device is access by IP address so, it required static IP which is not change automatically, while Dynamic IP is change automatically.

What is PLCC communication? What are the limitation of it?

The PLCC is a communication Method, by using this method we can send data from existing Power cable where no need to laying a Communication cable.

Power line communication is limited by the existing electrical infrastructure where it is being employed and thus affects power line channel parameters such as power attenuation, noise, impedance, and bandwidth.

What is the speed of data in Ethernet or TCP/IP communication?

Up to 10 gbps, and it depends on the transmitting and receiving device.

What is the difference between shielded and armored cable?

A Shield is a covering over the twisted pair of cables. It protects the data signals from electrical noise interference.
A Shield is used to reduce electrical interference from the high voltage.
Armored is used to give Rigidity to cable. When we Underground laying cable.

Which type of cable is used for antenna?

  1. Coaxial cable used for transmission lines for radio frequency and data signals.
  2. They have traditionally been used as feed lines to connect radio transmissions and receivers with antennas.
  3. Internet connection digital audio and cable television signals.

What are the different types of Modbus communication that we used?

Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RS 485 these two protocols are we use. And we can communicate with other types by using Converters.

What is baud rate & how does it affect the communication if distance is long?

Baud rate is a number of bits that transfer and receive in communication.
It effect on communication for long distance communication we are use 9600 and for short distance communication we use 19200.

Can we extract the raw data from the device?

Yes, by using Pen drive we can extract or we can download from settings.

What is the use of termination resistance and when to use it in RS485?

Termination register is used to know the end of communication loop. Need to Turn ON it at last Inverter.

If we want to extend beyond its preferable limit what will you do?

Need repeater to extend RS 485 communication limit.

Can we connect multiple masters to a single slave?

No, we cannot connect multiple masters to slave in MODBUS RTU. But, with MODBUS TCP
you can connect multiple masters.

How many devices we can connect in TCP/IP?

We can connect 255 devices in TCP/IP communication.

What are the requirements if the mode of internet is LAN?

Static IP
subnet Mask
all the IP must have firewall free.

What are the different types of function codes in Mod Scan?

01= Coil status: – (It’s 1 bit and Read/ write operation)
02= Input Status: – (It’s 1 bit and only Read operation)
03= Holding Register: – (It’s 16-bit and Read/write operation)
04= Input Register: – (It’s 16 bit and only Read )

Which sensor is best for communication & accuracy purpose? (Analog/Digital)

Digital sensors are best for communication and Accuracy.

Can we get data, if the internet is not available?

Yes, the Device will store it in memory and Upload to server after reconnect the Internet.

How many technologies we use for communication?

RS 485, TCP/IP, Wireless, PLCC, OFC. Are the common technologies that we are used.

Does PLCC device working with HT line possible?

No, the PLCC converters does not support HT voltage level.

What is the range for wireless technology?

For LoRa up to 2 KM (LOS), 1.2 KM (with Obstacles) and For Parabolic 5 KM (LOS)

What are the types of cables in OFC?

Multimode: can be transfer multiple signals from core
Single mode: Can transfer only one signal from core.

What are the compulsory requirements in wireless?

Wireless Slave, Transceivers, Antennas, and Master. Extension cables

What is OFC patch cord?

OFC patch cords are use in between LIU box and Media converters.

Why mobile tower affects wireless communication?

Mobile towers Jam the nearby other frequencies.

What is M2M sim card?

M2M sim card is use only for internet. We need to allow SuryaLog sites when we use it.
To allow it contact with customer care.

Can new SuryaLog system is work with the old system?

Yes, need to update the software if software is mismatched.

Can we communicate with inverters by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?


What happen if MFM having pulse or POE?

Need to change the communication or change the MFM.

How much distance needs to be maintained between RS485 cable and power cables?

At least 12 Inches are recommended.

When to prefer armored cable? Does armor help in performance and quality of data?

If cable is laying from bearded ground or in ground mount project. Then we prefer armored cable?
If gives rigidity to the cable. Quality of data is independent with armor.

What is Sun Spec?

Sun Spec Modbus is an open communication standard that specifies common parameters and settings for monitoring and controlling Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems.

What is DNP3 protocol?

DNP3 is an extended version of Ethernet communication. This is not most commonly used in monitoring.
It communicates only when slave changes value/status.
The improved bandwidth efficiency is accomplished through event-oriented data reporting. The Remote Terminal Unit monitors data points and generates events when it determines that the data should be reported (for example, when it changes value).

What is IEC 104 protocol? How it is different than TCP IP Ethernet? When it is preferred?

IEC 104 is a extended version of Ethernet communication. This is not most commonly use in monitoring and sending a data with security.
It having some standard protocols and rules for sending data.

What is MGate or a Gateway device? What is its use?

Gateway is a device use to convert data from RS 485 to TCP/IP.
The addresses and ID of device is same as per the set in devices.

What are the other option in wireless if LoRa wireless not possible?

We can use Parabolic antenna if wireless LoRa is not suitable for site.

What are the advantage of Parabolic over Wireless Lora?

Distance – can be work up to 5 KM.
Speed- in mbps
Losses and Noise interference- Low as compare to LoRa
Obstacles like Mobile tower: No effect of Mobile tower but Obstacles like Building may affect.

What is Flexible power/sense cable?

Flexible power cable or flexible sense cable is used for taking Aux. power supply or DG sense signal. It having multiple core for that it get flexibility and long life.

What is the difference between OFC patch cord and LAN patch cord?

OFC patch cord delivers the light signal while LAN patch cord delivers the electrical signal.

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