Ground Mount Solutions

Customized Hardware-Software Solutions For Ground Mount Projects

Retrofit SCADA


  • Grid Substation and Transformer Level Monitoring.
  • Analog Input and Digital Input / Output Configurable
  • Local and Remote Monitoring with data with Report download option
  • Sensing of breakers ON, OFF, and Trip Conditions
solar power plant controller

Power Plant Controller

  • Compatible with Multiple Inverter makes (Both String and Central)
  • Remote Settings, Auto Update & Remote Update features are available
  • Control and Visualization using Web Browser SCADA Screens
  • Configurable Parameters – KW, %, KVA, PR, Ramp Up time, etc.

String Monitoring Board

  • Negative and positive side String Monitoring available.
  • Compatible with Multiple Communication
  • Wi-Fi-based settings and Calibrations enable Contactless Configuration
  • Localized storage and retrieval at a Centralized Location
Wireless Transceiver

Wireless Transceiver

  • Applicable to SMB and SCADA.
  • Comes with Point-to-Point Technology.
  • Range up to 1.2 km with Obstacles and 2km LoS.
  • Localized storage and retrieval at a Centralized Location
    Inbuilt Local Monitoring Facility

DC-DC Converter

  • Selectable Input Voltage Range, Flicker-free, Delay Adjustment
  • Constant output of 24V for Variable Input Range from 100V to 1500V
  • Protection OC/ SC/ OV/ RP
  • Compact in Size

OFC Converter

  • Robust & Reliable Communication
  • OFC to Ethernet and RS-485 Converter
  • Compatible with both Multimode and Single Mode
  • Easily Connectable to SCADA and RTUs.

Weather Station

  • Measuring Weather Parameters for Performance Analysis
  • Inbuilt Local Monitoring Options
  • Proper Earthling & Connections Provisions
  • Local Data Storage & Internet Options are Available

Weather Data Logger

  • Used to interface multiple types of Sensors
  • Internet Provision GPRS/ GSM/ Wi-Fi(optional).
  • Compatible with all output of Analog and Digital Sensors.
  • GHI/GTI, Temperature, Wind Humidity, and Rain Gauge Sensors
Data Concentrator

Data Concentrator

  • Receive the data on Wireless Bridge/ Network
  • Convert Wireless Signal into RS-485/ TCP-IP format
  • Point to Point Communication
  • Easily Connected to SCADA and RTU Panel

DI/DO Extension Card

  • Specifically used to Send and Receive the Digital Signals
  • To Sense the ON, OFF, and TRIP Conditions from Breakers
  • Easily integrated with SCADA through RS-485 output
  • Useful for Industrial Monitoring and Controlling