CMS for Solar Plants

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What is (CMS for Solar)Central Monitoring System for Solar Plants?

A central management system/ CMS for solar refers to a software-based platform that enables centralized monitoring, control, and management of multiple solar power installations or assets from a single interface. It provides comprehensive visibility into the performance, status, and analytics of solar power systems, allowing operators to optimize energy production, detect issues, and streamline maintenance activities.

The CMS for solar collects real-time data from various sources, including solar inverters, string monitoring systems, weather stations, and energy meters. It aggregates this data to provide a unified view of the entire solar fleet, enabling operators to monitor the performance, energy generation, and environmental conditions at each installation. The CMS offers visualizations, dashboards, and reports that present the collected data in a user-friendly manner. This allows operators to easily analyze key performance indicators, historical trends, and operational insights to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

The central monitoring system for solar includes an alarm and event management system that triggers notifications or alerts for abnormal conditions or faults detected within the solar installations. This facilitates proactive maintenance and helps minimize downtime. The central monitoring system/ CMS for Solar allows operators to remotely control and configure the settings of individual solar installations or specific components such as inverters or trackers. It provides the flexibility to adjust operating parameters, update firmware, or perform troubleshooting tasks without physically accessing each site.

Through data analysis and advanced algorithms, the CMS for solar identifies inefficiencies, underperforming assets, or potential improvements across the solar fleet. It helps operators optimize energy production, reduce downtime, and enhance overall system performance. A robust CMS allows integration with various hardware and software systems commonly found in solar installations. This includes compatibility with different inverter models, monitoring devices, communication protocols, and data analytics tools. It should also support scalability, accommodating the addition of new solar installations or expanding the existing fleet seamlessly.

The implementation of a central management system typically involves connecting the individual solar assets to the CMS through data loggers, communication protocols (such as Modbus or TCP/IP), and secure networks. Customizations can be made to tailor the CMS for solar to specific requirements, and regular updates ensure compatibility with evolving technologies and industry standards.

Centralized dashboard - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Centralized Dashboard

  • Portfolio-level Management
  • All Parameters & Features on a Single Screen
  • Updated Generation & Performance Data
  • Day Generation, Month Generation, Performance Ratio (PR), Solar Power Plant Status, Source Data, Plant Error, and status, CO2 saving, Weather Status, etc.
Graphical-View - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Graphical View

  • Graphical view for the plant, Inverter, Wing Source & Weather
  • Graphical View from the day the Plant is installed
  • Downloadable in PNG & PDF format
  • Backlog, Monitor & Live Data with PRN / COF indication
Block-Diagram - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Block Diagram

  • Instantaneous Monitoring from Sensors to load
  • Site-specific Block Diagram Configuration
  • Animated View with statuses Inverter SMB & Indicating faults
  • Advanced as well as basic Block Diagrams are available
Tabular-View - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Tabular View

  • Tabular view for the plant, inverter, wing source & weather
  • Tabular view from the day the plant is installed
  • Downlodable in excel & csv format
  • User-friendly view for analysis
Dashboard - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar


  • Site-specific instantaneous data
  • Live inverter, STB, source monitoring
  • Important widgets like total generation, day generation, month generation
  • last 7 days generation & expected generation graph
Customized Report - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Customized Report

  • JMR Report Creation
  • Committed Report for comparison with Actual, Budget & PV syst data
  • Flexible Configuration & Settable Pages
  • Customized Reports through Emails as per the Requirement
Notification & Time Performance - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Notification & Time Performance

  • Customized, PM & Panel Cleaning Schedules
  • Performance & Comparative based Errors & Notifications
  • Track the performance of Solar Remotely
  • Alerts through Emails & Messages
CRM - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar


  • Reducing Manual Work and Automating time-Consuming Tasks
  • Facilitate project, O & M  spares Management
  • Analytical Data and Reporting
  • Advanced Computing Systems with Cutting-Edge Technology
Loss Analysis - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Loss Analysis

  • Data for Soiling Losses, Clipping Losses, Inverter Efficiency Losses, Temperature Losses, etc.
  • Loss analysis to meet Expected Generation
  • Analyzing the performance of PV Systems through various Curtailment Losses
  • Total Energy Losses are estimated
  • Loss Analysis – Day-wise, Monthly & Yearly Data
Mobile App - Central Monitoring System - CMS for Solar

Mobile Application

  • Plant’s Daytime Generation and Solar Power On a Central Screen.
  • Plant Location on the Map Screen.
  • Live Bar Section, Live Weather Section, GRID/DG import and export, Inverter Status, & SMB status are all represented graphically on a Dashboard Screen.
  • On a Historical Screen, we show the Plant, Inverter, SMB, Wing, Source, and Weather Reports.

Specifications & Features


MPPT & String View

Current, Voltage, Power & Temperature


Instances, Graphs & Charts

Last log, Start/End, Up/ Down, Block Diagram, Tabular, Bar



Total Generation, Day/Week/Month/Year Generation

Committed Gen

Deemed & Committed Gen

Deemed Calculations, PV System Comparison – Actual & Expected

DG Statistics

Grid/DG Statistics

Run hours, Solar Energy, Import/Export

Performance & Losses

Performances & Losses

CUF, INS, PR, TCPR, Losses



JMR, Customized, DGR, MGR, Auto Mail, (Excel & PDF)

Source Data

Source Data

Grid, DG & Load Side Monitoring with Active Source


Notifications & Scheduling

Customized, PM & Panel Cleaning Schedules

CRM Icon


Spares, Tickets, SLA, Activities Planning & Tracking