Master - Slave Controller

"Enables centralized monitoring & controlling for multiple locations"

  • What is Master Slave Controller?

    Whenever a Solar/Hybrid Power Plant is installed at Multiple Buildings and Multiple Wings are there, then you can use Master-Slave Communication. You can install Multiple SuryaLog Devices out of which one device will act as a Master Device and other Devices will act as a Slave or Sub-master Devices. The Master Device will Communicate with other Slave Devices which may be installed in each Wing so that you can get Wings Data at One Location.
    There are two default types that you can use for Master-Slave Communication namely, Wired and Wireless. In Wired we use the LAN, PLCC, and RS-485. In Wireless, we use LORA Technology.

    1. A fail-safe mode in case of connectivity failure with Master

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