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  • What is SMB (String Monitoring Box/ Card)?

    The String Monitoring Box (SMB) and String Combiner Box (SCB) are two types of boxes used for effective system performance monitoring while ensuring optimal system safety. Both boxes play crucial roles in solar power systems by consolidating and managing multiple strings of solar PV modules.

    The String Combiner Box (SCB) acts as a “smart combiner” by gathering the output from several strings of PV modules and delivering a unified DC output to the inverter. Its primary function is to combine and streamline the incoming power from multiple panel terminations, reducing the complexity of wiring.

    string monitoring box / string combiner box

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    On the other hand, the SMB is specifically designed for monitoring individual strings of solar panels connected to the inverters within an existing solar power system. It serves as a monitoring solution that offers detailed information about the electrical parameters of each string. By providing enhanced monitoring capabilities, fault detection, and performance optimization, the SMB enables improved oversight of the system. The SMB’s output is linked to the inverter, and it offers options for communication mediums such as wired RS485, Optical Fiber (OF), and wireless RF platforms. It is available in variations suitable for different voltage levels, such as 1000VDC or 1500VDC.

    In summary, the string monitoring combiner box combines multiple strings of PV modules to generate a single DC output for the inverter, while the SMB focuses on monitoring and analyzing the performance of individual strings, facilitating better control and optimization of the solar power system.