Rooftop Solar Solutions

"Leader In C & I Segment for monitoring & controlling"


PV-DG Controller

  • Protect DG from Excess Solar Power and Maintains the Spinning Reserve of DG.
  • To optimize Solar Generation while running with DG.
  • Maintain Spinning Reserve at about 25-30%
  • To Monitor Solar, DG, and Load Parameters

Zero-Export Controller

• To avoid back feeding into the Grid till Net Metering gets approved
• Beneficial when the Load is less during Break Time or Holidays
• Maximize the use of Green Energy
• Calculate the total Load Requirement by Monitoring Grid Consumption and Solar Generation


• Remote and Local Monitoring System with Real-time Alerts through DG, Grid & Solar Side monitoring available
• Local Data Storage and upload to the portal in case of Internet Failure
• Wireless Data Transmission is possible for Multiple Buildings.


Master - Slave Controller

  • A fail-safe mode in Case of connectivity failure with the Master
  • Wired Solution – LAN, PLCC, OFC, and RS-485
  • Wireless Solution – LORA Technology
  • Distributed data at a Single Location (Central Monitoring & Controlling)
Wireless Transceiver

Wireless Transceiver

  • Range up to 1.2 km with Obstacles and 2kms LoS.
  • Comes with a point to point Technology.
  • On board Proprietary
  • Reduces Cable laying


  • Multiple DG Interfacing & Master-Slave Communication Possible
  • Grid and DG Side Monitoring and Comparison with Solar & Load
  • Auto-update & Remote-update features are available
  • Deemed Generation, Curtailment Details, Loss Calculation