PV DG Controller

"Optimize solar generation & Protect the DG"

  • What is PV DG Controller/ Device

    The SuryaLog PV DG Controller/ Device is an advanced device designed to seamlessly integrate PV solar and Diesel Generator systems, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and flexibility, with its cutting-edge technology, the controller performs a range of vital functions that enhance power generation and streamline operations.

    Harnessing the power of solar energy while ensuring a reliable backup, the PV DG Controller/Device excels in maintaining a spin reserve of 25-30%. By intelligently managing the solar plant’s output in accordance with the load requirement, it guarantees a stable and uninterrupted power supply. This sophisticated control mechanism eliminates any wastage of solar energy and maximizes its utilization.

    One of the standout advantages of implementing the SuryaLog DG PV Controller is its exceptional ability to reduce fuel consumption. By dynamically regulating the power generation from the solar plant and synchronizing it with the Diesel Generator, the controller optimizes fuel usage. This results in significant cost savings and minimizes the environmental impact associated with excessive fuel consumption.

    PV DG Controller/ DG PV Controller

    Why choose SuryaLogix PV DG Controller?

    Settable Configurations Through UI:

    1. Step Increment
    2. Spin Reserve
    3. Histolysis
    4. Bootup Command
    5. Summation
    6. DG Capacity upto 8
    7. Grid Capacity upto 4

    Specifications & Features

    Seamless Integration:

    The SuryaLog DG PV Device seamlessly integrates solar and Diesel Generator systems, creating a harmonious synergy that combines the benefits of both technologies. Through intelligent monitoring and control, it ensures smooth transitions between power sources, eliminating disruptions and providing a consistent and reliable energy supply.

    With its advanced monitoring and predictive capabilities, the SuryaLog PV DG Synchronization proactively identifies potential issues and implements corrective measures to prevent system failures. By constantly optimizing the power generation process, it ensures the highest level of reliability, enabling businesses and organizations to operate without interruptions and downtime.

    The DG PV Synchronization offers comprehensive real-time monitoring and analysis features. It provides valuable insights into power generation patterns, load demands, and energy consumption. This data empowers users to make informed decisions, implement effective energy management strategies, and identify opportunities for further optimization.

    Designed with scalability and adaptability in mind, the SuryaLog PV DG Controller is a future-proof solution that can accommodate evolving energy needs. Its modular design allows for easy integration with additional renewable energy sources or storage systems, ensuring long-term sustainability and flexibility.