Weather Station and Data Logger

  • Weather Station

    weather station
    • Measuring Weather Parameters for Performance Analysis
    • Inbuilt Local Monitoring Options
    • Proper Earthling & Connections Provisions
    • Local Data Storage & Internet Options are Available

    Specifications & Features


    Mounting Provision for 4-12 No. of Sensors

    Adjustable Height of Pole

    Sensor vector

    Multiple Sensors Interface


    Monitoring Through Weather Datalogger

    Weather Data Logger


    • Used to Interface Multiple Types of Sensors
    • Internet Provision GPRS/ GSM/ Wi-Fi(optional).
    • Compatible with all Outputs of Analog and Digital Sensors.
    • GHI/GTI, Temperature, Wind Humidity, and Rain Gauge Sensors
    Wind, Humidity, and Rain Gauge Sensors Interface.

    Specifications & Features

    Local Storage: 4GB & Extendable


    Inbuild GPRS & Optional Wireless

    Sensor vector

    Multiple Sensors Compatible


    AI, DI, RS-485 & Ethernet Port is Available