Rooftop Solar Solutions

  • PV-DG Controller

    PV DG Controller/ DG PV Controller
    • Protect DG from excess Solar Power and Maintains the Spinning Reserve of DG.
    • To Optimize Solar Generation while Running with DG.
    • Maintain Spinning Reserve at about 25-30% (when the load is less than Solar Power)
    • To Monitor Solar, DG, and Load Parameters

    Settable Configurations Through UI:

    1. Step Increment
    2. Spin Reserve
    3. Histolysis
    4. Bootup Command
    5. Summation
    6. DG Capacity upto 8
    7. Grid Capacity upto 4

    Specifications & Features

    Protects DG from excess solar power


    Optimize solar generation with DG

    Usage of maximum green energy

    Trip Relay

    Avoids frequent DG tripping (with solar)

    Download PV-DG Controller Data Sheet

    Zero Export Controller

    Zero Export

    • To avoid back feeding into the grid till Net metering gets approved
    • Beneficial when the load is less during break time or holidays
    • Maximize the use of Green Energy
    • Calculate the total load requirement by monitoring Grid Consumption and Solar generation

    1. Inbuild Storage & Extendable
    2. Capable to send data on multiple 3rd party portals through FTP & API.

    Specifications & Features

    Avoid back feeding into grid

    Monitor solar, Grid & load parameters


    Multiple Grid compatibility

    Zero export controller and Data logger inbuilt


    solar data logger / data logger for solar

    Remote and Local Monitoring system with Real-time Alerts through Mail and Messages.
    • DG, Grid & Solar Side Monitoring available
    • Local Data Storage and Upload to the Portal in Case of Internet Failure
    Wireless Data Transmission is possible for Multiple Buildings.

    Specifications & Features

    Alert through mails & messages


    Master-Slave communication


    Wireless data transmission


    Competitive in cost for multiple systems

    Master Slave Controller

    Whenever a Solar/Hybrid Power Plant is installed at Multiple Buildings and Multiple Wings are there, then you can use Master-Slave Communication. You can install Multiple SuryaLog Devices out of which one device will act as a Master Device and other Devices will act as a Slave or Sub-master Devices. The Master Device will Communicate with other Slave Devices which may be installed in each Wing so that you can get Wings Data at One Location.
    There are two default types that you can use for Master-Slave Communication namely, Wired and Wireless. In Wired we use the LAN, PLCC, and RS-485. In Wireless, we use LORA Technology.

    1. A fail-safe mode in case of connectivity failure with Master

    Specifications & Features

    Fail Safe

    Fail Safe Mode in case of failure

    Building/ Wing wise management


    WLAN, Wireless & OFC


    Multiple DG interfacing


    • Multiple DG interfacing & Master-slave Communication is possible
    • Grid and DG side Monitoring and Comparison with Solar & Load
    • Auto-update & Remote-update features are available
    • Deemed Generation, Curtailment details, Loss Calculation due to Curtailment

    Specifications & Features

    RS485 Extension: up to 8 No’s

    Communication Technology: Wireless, LAN, PLCC & RS-485


    Digital Input and Output Configurable


    Configurable settings through the user interface