5 Years Of SuryaLogix innovation Achievement.....


We are delighted to mark our fifth anniversary!

  • SuryaLogix is proud to reflect on the accomplishments we have achieved in our short history. It is remarkable to think that it has been five years since we began this journey, and we have reached a significant milestone of 5 GW+ of power capacity in the renewable industry.
  • As we reflect on our journey, we are filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. When we began, we had only a small team of 6 employees working out of a 500 sq ft office, but through our dedicated team work, determination, and a focus on providing exceptional service & customer support from the renewable industry, we have successfully grown to 25000+ sq ft office and a team of 120+ employees.
  • We discovered numerous valuable assets in the form of employees during this journey. We take pride in developing them from beginners to experts in the renewable energy industry. Their commitment, passion, trust in the company, and tireless efforts were undoubtedly essential to this accomplishment.
  • The company has not only grown in terms of employees and operations, but also in terms of its product offerings. With the Initial base as 3 products now it has increased upto 30+ Products with our focused innovation and new product development . Our range of solar solutions now includes everything from small rooftop systems to large-scale ground-mount, from software to hardware, sensors to weather station.
  • Our dedication in research and development has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition through our constant pursuit of cutting-edge and innovative solutions. This commitment to innovation has led creation of unique products and services that we are able to offer our customers.
  • Providing exceptional service to our clients is of paramount importance to us as we operate in the renewable energy industry. Services have become increasingly crucial in the renewable energy sector. We understand that the level of service we provide is a reflection of our company's values and reputation. By consistently delivering high-quality service, we have been able to establish ourselves as a leading player in the industry.
  • To cater India market we have setup regional offices in #Bengaluru, #Noida and appointed inhouse residential service engineers in #Chennai, #Hyderabad, #Ahmedabad, #Nagpur, #Kolkata & #Jamshedpur. We have already appointed a local partner in Dubai for the Middle East & identified local partners in #Bangladesh, #Indonesia, #Thailand, #Singapore & #Philippines.
  • Marketing and client’s relationship play a crucial role in shaping SuryaLogix’s image and driving our growth. They act as the unsung heroes behind the scenes, helping to increase our visibility on various platforms and maintain strong relationship with our clients. By providing support and building trust, we are able to establish ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy company in the industry.
  • While we have outlined our core values, it is not always easy to put them into practice, particularly for a bootstrapped company like us. The journey can be challenging and there are many obstacles to overcome. However, we are committed to staying true to our values and working diligently to ensure that we are able to apply them in the most effective way possible, despite the difficulties that may arise.
  • As the founders of the company, each of them being first-generation entrepreneurs, had a vision to create an impactful enterprise. Their unwavering determination, leadership, and relentless hard work have been the driving force behind building the company from scratch to its current success.
  • SuryaLogix, a homegrown company has grown from its humble beginning as a local player to become a global leader in 20+ countries. This impressive achievement is a testament to the company's expertly crafted export strategy, which has enabled it to expand its reach and appeal to customers around the world, while staying true to its roots. The success of SuryaLogix showcases that with the right strategy, a locally grown company can make an impact on a global scale.
  • As the world recognizes India's potential to become a major economic player and a hub for startups in the coming years, our company is proud to be a part of this burgeoning ecosystem. As a startup, we are not only creating new opportunities for ourselves, but also contributing to the growth and development of the economy & ecology by providing jobs and supporting the community & reducing carbon footprint. One of our product “#PV-DG controller” which help save diesel consumption by more than 50%. We are happy to update you that we are reducing approx 27,000 Kg CO2 emission daily.
  • In retrospect, the past 5 years have been a remarkable journey for SuryaLogix. We are incredibly proud of the milestones we have achieved and the impact we have made in the sustainable energy solutions industry. We are excited to continue providing innovative and reliable solutions to customers globally in the years to come & make a positive dent to the mother earth. Let’s work together for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.